'Growth and comfort do not co-exist' - Ginny Rometty                                                                                                                                                                                            

About Angelique

Angelique set up Ascendant Career Coaching to help individuals evaluate their working life and support them in taking the right steps towards being more fulfilled. She is a certified Career Coach and combines a degree in Management Science, 20+ years HR experience and a passion for coaching to help others looking to make a change. 


Throughout her career Angelique has coached senior managers within large international organisations and she has herself experienced major career transitions and had to navigate the process of change! She left the corporate world due to a change in her personal circumstances which presented her with the chance to take a step back and review the various aspects of her life. This period of change offered her the opportunity to practice what she preaches and she sought coaching support for herself. Her journey of self discovery provided her with the clarity she required on next steps as she started to take a more holistic view of her life. She has not looked back since!


Angelique feels that it is a true privilege to work with others as they reflect on their work and their lifestyle. Observing someone have their epiphany is what first ignited her passion for coaching.


Angelique brings bespoke, experienced and most of all clear guidance to career coaching.

She aligns and designs her advice through her programme to the individual's needs or requirements. She is passionate and knowledgeable about career coaching and this comes across in interactions. I would thoroughly recommend her services.

BVS, Cotswolds              09 Oct 2023

About Career Coaching

Career coaching provides you with the opportunity to reflect on the life you wish to build and to assess how your professional and personal life fit together.  It also allows you to re-assess your values and motivators and leverage them so you can achieve a sense of fulfilment. The focus is on empowering you to better understand your current reality, identify your values and your strengths, understand your skills and competencies, set some goals and create actionable plans for career change, growth and enhancement. 


The role of the coach is to help you develop self-awareness through observation, questioning and feedback. Core to this is the identification of self-limiting beliefs; our assumptions and perceptions that often hold us back from doing what we really want to do.  


Once you have a clear view of the desired outcome the coach works with you to create a plan of action to enable you to achieve your objectives. In addition to helping you figure out your career goals we can also support you with:


- Career planning

- Building your personal brand

- Creating a job search strategy

- Building your network

- Interview coaching

- Professional marketing (CV, LinkedIn and other digital media)



Our coaching philosophy

At Ascendant Career Coaching we believe that the beginning of a change journey starts with a desire to seek new possibilities and a willingness to do things differently. We care for and respect others, and we believe in their potential to be great!


We practice what we preach, therefore, commitment to reflective learning, empowerment, passion for what we do and honesty are the cornerstones of our practice. 


We love what we do and would like to help you to achieve that same feeling!