When was the last time you found yourself wishing that you were doing something different? Perhaps you’re bored with your current role and you feel that you have outgrown it? Or perhaps you flirt with the idea of updating your CV and contacting your favourite recruiter to ‘test the water’. Could your perfect job be out there somewhere? Read more......



Is changing employer the best move for you? 
7 tips for exploring an internal move 

May 2023


How often do you take time to sit and reflect on what you are really good at? If you are lucky enough to have that clarity does the list include input from others?  We all have hidden strengths that may have been picked up by those who know us well, strengths that we have yet to consciously acknowledge...... Read more....



6 steps to identify your strengths

June 2023

October 2023

How to banish self-limiting beliefs during a job search.

A self-limiting belief is a thought, idea, or mindset that an individual holds about themselves, their capabilities, or their potential, which then hinders their ability to progress their personal or professional development. For example, a job seeker might see an advert for a job that would interest them, however they do not apply as they tell themselves that the company is looking for an older person because the word ‘Senior’ features on the job description..,,,Read more