6 steps to identify your strengths

How often do you take time to sit and reflect on what you are really good at? If you are lucky enough to have that clarity does the list include input from others?  We all have hidden strengths that may have been picked up by those who know us well, strengths that we have yet to consciously acknowledge....


Do you spend more time on those pesky 'areas for development' than you do on your strengths? We are so often encouraged to focus on those aren't we? Then we put in place development plans to 'improve'. If we spent more energy on further developing our strengths what would that look like?


The reality is that your strengths could be your passport to a new career! If you haven't taken time to deeply reflect on what you are really good at then the following 6 steps may help.


Step 1

Create a list - start by creating a list of key activities, tasks, and experiences you have had in your life. Include both professional and personal experiences.


Step 2 

Reflect on past successes - review your list and think about the times when you felt successful, accomplished, or proud while engaging in these activities. Consider the instances where you received positive feedback or achieved notable results and write down these specific instances next to each activity. Make sure you include behaviours and transferable skills, not just 'technical' skills.


Step 3 

Look for patterns - examine the patterns and themes that emerge from the instances of success you noted. What skills, qualities, or characteristics did you demonstrate during those moments? Look for commonalities and strengths that were present across different activities.


Step 5

Rank your strengths - take a fresh piece of paper and write down the top 10 strengths that you have identified from the previous step. Rank them from 1 to 10 based on which ones you feel most confident and energized about. Reflect on these and consider why these particular strengths resonate with you. How do they align with your values, passions, and aspirations? Write down any insights or thoughts that arise during this reflection.


Step 6

Validate with feedback - seek feedback from trusted friends, family members, or colleagues who have observed you in various settings. Ask them to share their observations about your strengths and what they believe you excel at. Compare their feedback to your own insights and look for common themes.


Now that you have identified your strengths explore opportunities that allow you to put them to full use and develop them them further. Remember, this activity is a starting point, and strengths can evolve over time. Regularly revisit and reassess your strengths to ensure they remain aligned with your current goals and aspirations. Celebrate and embrace them as unique assets that can contribute to a fulfilling and purposeful life



June 2023